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What are error fares?

Error fares are extremely cheap travel deals from travel providers. Sometimes even price errors can occure as a result of human error or system error. For example, an employee can forget to enter a "0" on the end of a price, or the system may fail to add the fuel surchage.

Why should I sign up - what will I get?

After signing up, you will receive notifications of new error fares straight to your inbox as soon as these fares are published.

This has numerous advantages:

  • You are always among the first to get the information, significantly increasing your chances of being able to book tickets before they are sold out or the error is corrected.
  • You will save loads of time, since you will no longer need to spend hours poring over travel blogs and travel deal websites.
  • You will be notified of all error fares free of charge.

What should I look out for before and after booking an error fare?

Before booking in case of an price error:

Never call the provider!
If you do, the error fare will quickly be corrected ;)

After booking:

Not all error fares go through. As a rule, travel providers can cancel error fares within a few days of the booking without legal consequences. However, providers often do not notice error fares on account of the huge numbers of bookings they process, or the cost to the provider of cancelling bookings may be too high. Such cancellations also damage the image of the provider, which is why many error fares end up actually going through.

As a rule: If the provider does not cancel your booking within 14 days, you can be fairly certain that it will remain in place and that you will be able to travel.

What can I do if the travel provider cancels the booking?

A good explanation of what best to do can be found here: https://www.urlaubsguru.de/

What does it cost to use ErrorFareAlerts.com?

Nothing. This service is provided to you free of charge.

Will I receive ads?

No. You will only be sent links to very cheap travel deals - nothing else.

Is there a corresponding app?


Check it out: www.errorfarealerts.com/app/

Can I search for particular travel destinations?

Unfortunately, this function is not yet available, though we are working on it as fast as we can!

How does ErrorFareAlerts.com work?

Two things make error fare alerts possible. Firstly, we have our own web crawlers, with which we scan websites like MyHolidayGuru and HolidayPirates every couple of minutes for new content. Web crawlers download content from websites, similar to how Google does.

Secondly, we have direct access to product data from travel providers via APIs.

The data from our web crawlers and the travel provider APIs is processed using our intelligent algorithms. These algorithms recognise when an error fare is published, and you are automatically and instantly notified of new error fares via email.