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Our experts and algorithms are searching the web automatically for error fares and extremely cheap economy, business and first class travel deals.

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These selected examples have been available in the past! Fly business class and stay in the best hotels for almost nothing!

How we started ErrorFareAlerts

Like many others, we love to travel - and we like to do it as cheaply as possible. At some point, we began visiting sites like MyHolidayGuru and HolidayPirates to try and find travel bargains. But it took a long time to find deals we were really interested in.

Okay, we thought it must be possible to automate this process somehow, so that we are notified of deals for our selected travel destinations via email and do not have to wade through 100 other offers to get to them.

That is how we came upom the idea of using Google Alerts in combination with the site: search operator. Google Alerts is a service that allows you to enter search terms and receive an email from Google when new content relating to these terms is published. Of course, we did not want Google to search the whole internet for our search terms, but rather a few specific sites (such as HolidayPirates); this is where the site: search operator came into play. Simply enter site:holidaypirates.com + your travel destination into the search field - and hey presto, you receive only new content that relates to your selected destination.

We then came upon the idea of using this same method for error fares: Google could also send an email for each new extremely cheap travel deal that appeared! All it would take was to combine site: search operator (holidaypirates, my holidayguru etc.) with "error fare" in Google Alerts. Simple as that!

However, we soon came up against a hurdle: Google often failed to find new error fares at all, or only sent an email after a day had passed. By then, the price error had either already been corrected, or all the tickets booked…

The upshot of all this was that we decided to develop our own automated alert service. And no sooner said than done: after a 2-day workation in Hamburg with the current ErrorFareAlerts Team – Benjamin, Rui, Bruno and Antonius - our "MVP" was up and running.

To make this service possible, we use two things: firstly, our own crawlers (similar to Google), with which we scan websites like MyHolidayGuru and HolidayPirates for new content every couple of minutes; and secondly, direct access to product data from travel providers via APIs. Our algorithms then recognise automatically when a new price error is published and send an email notification instantly - not a day later (or sometimes never), as was the case with Google Alerts ;)

And because we are so happy with our creation, we have made it available for you online for free: Simply enter your email in our mailing list! You will never be charged for using the service.

Happy travel hunting,

Benjamin, Bruno, Rui & Antonius